Calexico PDGrade  18799

Introducing Carlson Machine Control PDGrade™

GNSS Guided Pile Driving System

Accurately and efficiently drive piles
Designed for light pile driving such as solar farm installation.

Carlson Machine Control uses application centric software created just for the solar farm industry combined with state of the art, integrated GNSS All-In-One sensor (MC Pro Vx5) and a rugged, Windows 7 based Control Box (CBx5 Control Box Console). The system has an industry exclusive 3 year warranty and installs in under 3 hours. This keeps machine downtime to a minimum.



Please click to view the hardware overview movie. Coming soon, application video and brochure.

Calexico PDGrade  18719
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Calexico PDGrade  18854
Calexico PDGrade  18846
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Calexico PDGrade  18854

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