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Carlson Machine Control offers positioning systems for many machines and applications. Please click on the Products tab and select the applications for more info. Here is a summary of some supported machines and applications. Please check with us if you have a special requirement. We are happy to discuss. Email

  1. Open Pit Mining
    1. Dozers
    2. Shovels
    3. Haul Trucks
    4. Drills (Atlas Copco FlexiROC and SmartROC click here)
    5. Scrapers
    6. Site Supervisors (pickup truck/ATV/manrover)
    7. Bucket Wheel Excavators
  2. Solid Waste Landfills
    1. Landfill Compactors
    2. Dozers
    3. Excavators
    4. Graders
    5. Site Supervisors (pickup truck/ATV/manrover)
  3. Dredging
    1. Excavators
    2. Specialty Excavators (long reach/multi-boom/multi-stick/tilting bucket)
    3. Cable Cranes
    4. Barge Excavators