Axial Sensors

Carlson supports axial sensors from:

  • Prolec
  • MOBA
  • Transtronics
  • 3B6

We also provide a new sensor in partnership with MGBTech. Photographs below and an overview video coming soon. But these sensors can be configured as pitch/roll and angularity for excavators, shovels, etc. Additional specifications below but the benefit is that one sensor can be configured to address all 3D machine control applications and machines from dozers to compactors to excavators to salt water dredging to cable cranes, etc.

The sensors are software configurable for update rate and function. The sensors are also capable of emulating other sensors to allow single sensor replacement mixing brands on single CANbus. The sensors are also tested and calibrated before shipping so you are able to replace sensors in applications such as dredging, without having to calibrate the machine.

Exciting new sensor technology and more innovation to come.

Additional Specifications 

Measurement range rotational : 360°Measurement range Pitch/Roll : 30° (will go up to 90° but not within accuracy spec)Sensor accuracy : 0.1° (rotational & pitch-roll)Sensor resolution : 0.025°Max update rate : 20 Hz (software programmable down to 1Hz)

Data interface : CAN (for protocol information please refer to the protocol documentation)

Housing & connector material : Stainless steel 316Weight : Approx 1.1 KgSize : 148 x 74 x 36 mm (L x w x h)IP rating : IP69K (Can be pressure washed)Submersible up to 16m (Tested up to 4 bar) 

Power supply : 10-30VDC(can run on 12V and 24V systems)Power consumption : < 1 Watt

Operating temperature : -20°C to +60°C


For more information, please email machine